Meet Your LAGP Officers and Directors!

The Board of the Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry works diligently to inspire, promote and connect our community through our common love of puppetry.

The LAGP is governed by an elected Board made up of active members of the Guild.  The Secretary and Treasurer are selected by the Board from the elected Directors-at-Large.  Committee Chairs are appointed by the Board.


Guild Officers

    Thom Fountain


    Thom Fountain is a two-time EMMY nominated puppeteer with 41 years professional experience in puppetry arts. His work has been seen in film, television, and stage. His most famous character was Salem, the Talking Cat from the television series “Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.” Other credits include The Crypt Keeper from “Tales from the Crypt,” Chucky in Child’s Play III, Team America: World Police, and Men In Black I, II, III. Currently he is a consultant for Disney Entertainment.

    TJ3 Productions

        Adrian Leonard


        Adrian’s puppetry experience is vast and varied. Along with her work with companies such as Screen Novelties and The Bob Baker Marionettes, she’s continued to be a freelance builder and puppeteer; working on various live performances, commercials and independent films, as well as currently developing a puppet web series.

        Adrian Rose Puppets


            Greg Ballora


            Greg Ballora discovered the world of puppetry while studying Theater Arts at UCLA. He has performed thousands of live shows with Lisa Sturz, Len Levitt’s Puppet Conspiracy, and Jim Gamble Puppet Company, as well as others. He has worked on films including Men in Black II, Spiderman II, and as a lead puppeteer on Team America: World Police. For television, he has done many commercials, and was recently the Puppet Captain for Disney XD’s “Crash and Bernstein.” Greg has taught classes at Pepperdine, Penn State, UCLA, CalArts, and continues to teach puppetry at Disney Entertainment.

              Guild Directors at Large

                Alex Griffin

                Cinematographer, Performer, Director.

                Film Coordinator for Heather Henson’s ‘Handmade Puppet Dreams.’

                    Anne Pierce

                    Performer, Educator.

                    Anne Clark Pierce @ LinkedIn

                        David Fuller

                        Membership Chair

                        David first joined the LAGP in 2001 and has been happy to serve the Board and the Guild in many ways over the years.  Highlights include his stint as Editor of Puppet Life from 2004-2005, building a new web site for the Guild in 2007, and helping to put on our fun 50th Anniversary Party at the Magic Castle. His love of puppetry began as a child, starting as a ventriloquist in 2nd grade when he bought a Simon Sez doll from the Sears Catalog.  He and Simon performed from 2nd grade on through college, and other forms of puppetry passed through David’s hands along the way – a personal favorite being bunraku.

                            Jared Ramirez

                            One of the newest members of the LA Guild of  Puppetry, Jared is a Henson trained puppeteer, comedic performer, and clownman. You can find him pulling strings at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater.

                                Pam Severns

                                is a puppeteer, musician, and comic for stage and screen. She has worked on comedy and puppetry projects with IFC, MTV, PBS, Amazon Studios, Fuse Network, and Seeso. She performs at festivals, puppet slams and comedy shows nationwide. She manages the publicity and social media for the LAGP.

                                    Tara Nitz

                                    Graphic Designer, Theater Production Designer.

                                    Puppet Life Editor.

                                    Tara Nitz @ LinkedIn